Mercedes E Class rental with driver in Barcelona

Transfers in Mercedes E Class with private driver


Max. 3


Max. 2


Max. 3


2-5 years


Baby chair:
0-2 years


Apt to
chairs: No

VEHICLE MAKE: Mercedes Benz

Perfect combination> between elegance,
performance and technology

The Mercedes E Class is a car that masterfully combines luxury, performance and technology, offering an elegant and exciting driving experience.

Advanced technology

The Mercedes E Class is equipped with cutting-edge technology that improves both comfort and safety. It includes advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and blind spot detection.

Comfort and elegance

The seats are designed for comfort and support, with power adjustment and heating options. High-quality materials such as leather and wood are combined with elegant finishes and artisanal details to create a refined atmosphere.

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Recommended events

Social events

The Mercedes E Class vehicle is the perfect option to add a touch of elegance and distinction to your social events. Our luxury transportation company offers you the premium experience you are looking for. With its sophisticated design and luxurious interior, the Mercedes E Class combines style and comfort perfectly. Whether it is a wedding, a party or any other special event, this vehicle guarantees an impressive arrival and an unforgettable trip. Trust us to make your event a truly special moment, while you travel with class and style in the Mercedes E Class.

Business trip

When it comes to business trips, the Mercedes E Class vehicle is the ideal choice. Our luxury transportation company offers you an exceptional experience in this impressive car. With its elegant design and luxurious interior, the Mercedes E Class combines comfort and style to meet your most demanding business needs. Enjoy a smooth and sophisticated ride while traveling to business meetings and events. Our professional drivers guarantee you impeccable and punctual service. Trust us to provide you with first-class transportation that reflects your professionalism and success on every business trip in the Mercedes E Class.

Transfers and tours

Discover the luxury and comfort of transfers and tours in the elegant Mercedes E Class vehicle. Our luxury transportation company offers you an unparalleled experience while you explore new destinations. Relax in its sophisticated interior and enjoy a trip like no other. Whether you need an airport transfer, want to take a private tour or a transfer in Barcelona, the Mercedes E Class provides you with maximum comfort and style. Our expert drivers will guide you through the most emblematic and picturesque places, providing you with personalized service and first-class attention. Trust us to make your transfers and tours a memorable experience in the Mercedes E Class.

Car equipment

Padded headrests
Climate control
220v electrical connector
Large trunk
Ambient lights


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